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counter-topAkin to our 'Kennedy Cutting Boards ' we will custom build countertops for your kitchen.  The beauty and durability of wood is unmatched in this appliction. Butcher blocks have been used in butcher shops for centuries, and still are in many European countries. Increasingly, butcher block is being used in domestic kitchens as an alternative to stone and laminate countertops. 

For new construction or retro filling an existing kitchen, Kennedy Hardwood will build your new countertop to exact specifications. The wood types used can range from a wide range of colors from our extensive domestic and exotic inventory of hadwoods.  From the lightest colored Hard Maple to the deepest colored Black Walnut we can create a countertop for you to match the look and feel of your kitchen. 


Kennedy Custom Counter Tops

-We are extremely happy with how our counter tops turned out! We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and hard work. I wish my Dad could be around see it but I’m so grateful to have a little bit of Preble craftsmanship in my home. Thank you again!- A satisfied customer.
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